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The  Bay Landscapes Nelson Fringe Festival is a tantalisingly boutique experience. An edgy programme of 31 shows from all over New Zealand rolls out over one week, in one intimate venue. Clever improvisors create nostalgia, the Bamboo Cutter tells his tale and we journey through a live Joni Mitchell album. Comedy, theatre, puppetry, music and more- all bursting to life this year at the NCMA.


Turn your stories into stand-up comedy, find your inner clown, upskill as a storyteller, delve into cryptic crosswording, get physical or meld your mind with other minds as you explore the art of the chorus. Our 2020 Bay Landscapes Nelson Fringe workshop programme is a feast! Gain new skills or build on existing ones with our top-level tutors.

Fringe Workshops


About Nelson Fringe

The Nelson Fringe Festival sprouted in 2015 under the tender care of Dan and Lisa Allan of the Body in Space Theatre Company. With a dedicated team on board, the Fringe was born with the intention of bringing people together to share, connect, uplift and grow.

Fringe Festival Timetable

Nelson Fringe Festival Team 2020

Laura Irish

Fringe Director

Debbie Brooks

Box Office and Accounts 

JR Richardson

Technical Director

Lisa Allan

Marketing Manager

Roger Sanders

Stage Manager

Olivia Spink


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Scott Sumby

Marketing Assistant

William Hannah

Incredibly Handsome Website Design Intern

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Nelson Arts Festival

Brendon McGrath

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