2_Chrissie Cleary


What is your favourite medium at the moment? Tactility is the prime element of my process-driven, hands-on practice & Sculpture my chosen medium at present. What is a place where you belong? A Cityscape at night, deep shadows & vivid light, strange intriguing people, virtually empty back streets, silence broken by odd sounds, a sense of being alone in a place of huge activity, watching, taking photos, thinking. Feeling alive. Describe yourself at the time of your best fringe: My best fringe would be the one I had cut at Vidal Sassoon in London’s West End, when I was a young moody girl, many many moons ago. My long wild hair was reduced to a fashionably sleek bob complete with ‘the’ fringe. Never once have I had long hair since, way too impatient. Where is the edge of your art? The ‘perfection of imperfection’ is where the edge of my art lies, that moment where an exploratory process leads to what could be deemed a mistake only to reveal something quite wonderful. What are three words which do not describe you? Unfriendly, Unkind, Punctual.

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Fringe dates: August 14-22 2020