4_Frances Dick


What is your favorite medium at the moment? Currently my favourite medium is mixed media.  I am enjoying exploring unexpected juxtapositions using collage, paint and the written prose.  Reference is given to symbolism, surrealism and avant- garde movements.  Personally this medium is allowing me to restore my individuality and where I fit into this contemporary world.  My subject matter explores the diversity of individualism that can be shaped by social constructs. What is a place where you belong? The place I belong resides in the surroundings of my family and friends.  This too seeks the venture of personal triumphs within my own physical and intellectual needs.  Seeking personal intelligence through art allows for my exploration into professionalism and social connection. Describe yourself at the time of your best fringe: my description of myself at the time of my best fringe was sensuous and responsive while I reflected current influences and experiences.   What challenged me at this time was making a decision between whether I stayed in one place or ventured into developing or seeing something new.  I decided to stay, however the spontaneity definitely hasn’t left; I’m sure in due course it will rise again. Where is the edge of your art? The edge of my art is held captive on the line/between personal transformation and life’s surroundings –My artwork reflects my own personality, the combination of practicality, reality and escapism into something surreal. These include the enjoyment of the outdoors, animals, people, music, travel and an ability to imagine, be quirky and discover different narratives. What are three words which do not describe you Conventional, narrow – minded, controlling.

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Fringe dates: August 14-22 2020