6_Ishna Jacobs

What is your favourite medium at the moment? And why do
you like it best?
The place I keep to myself, the notebooks filled with traces of thought, clay and light and scattered black and white. Where light falls in and pixels twist it out. For me a chance to spin backwards between the sheets and land on my feet, and cast a sideways glance at a beautiful face or forgotten corner to illuminate. What is a place where you belong? The side of a steep face where the wind pulls your past up through your toes and sends it elusive through the sky. Describe yourself at the time of your best fringe. I was 6, I woke with the sunshine on my face, my feet were light, the process was uncomplicated, math was hard, laughter was easy, the air smelt of sea salt and my hands were yet to know my weight. Where is the edge of your art? On the corner of Karangahape Rd and Ponsonby Rd where all the worlds collide. What are three words which do not describe you? Depends who's asking… My Mother, My Lover or Other

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Fringe dates: August 14-22 2020