What is your favourite medium at the moment? And why do you like it best? 'Found Objects' in Sculpture or relief because they all have a predetermined meaning or narrative for the viewer which can then be continued, juxtaposed or disguised to form a new meaning or narrative. What is a place where you belong? I belong in the river but live in a stream. Describe yourself at the time of your best fringe: I was somewhere between 10-11 years old. I was obsessed with accumulating 20c coins to play Street Fighter. It was peroxide yellow/orange and rest of my hair was shaved to a number 1. This was the time of my greatest fringe. Where is the edge of your art? At the centre of my art. What are three words which do not describe you? Breatharian, Callipygian, Deipnosophist.

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Fringe dates: August 14-22 2020