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Comedy, Drama, Physical Theatre

Saturday, 5 May


Venue 2 - Ghost Light Theatre

TICKETS: $12-20-32 (choose your price)

EarlyBird TICKET: $10 (available until March 18)

Inside explores brief stories that are moments in the characters' lives. They give us an insight into that particular person's experience and facilitate empathy and understanding. It's an exploration of the theme that we never know what experience another person is having and thus should exercise as much kindness as possible.

Inside is a series of three stories that are moments in time. They have no clear beginning or end, they are just a quick view into each character's world. Each vignette is about 10 minutes long.

1. A woman is battling depression and the physical representation of it is with her at all times.

2. A person is losing their memory to dementia, we see what the inside of their mind looks like. (May incorporate mixed media including video and music)

3. A person is coping with a profound loss. We hear the platitudes that often get offered up in those circumstances.

4. A woman is living with domestic violence. We experience the fear that she faces day in and day out.

5. A young couple fall for each other but we watch as it deteriorates into a story of sexual assault and predation.

We may end up cutting some of the stories out and developing fewer stories more fully, but at this stage, I am interested in workshopping these to their conclusions. Each story could eventually become its own play but I'm fascinated by utilising vignettes as a means to tell relevant stories that are stripped down to their most condensed and powerful versions. The original title was Vignettes.

This show has been adopted by the wonderful people from Parker Gallery. Thank You!!!

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