11_Miriam Hansen

What is your favourite medium at the moment? And why do you like it best? I love working with spray-paint and stencils. It’s just so exhilarating. Long hours spent drawing and cutting is rewarded by the almost miraculous appearance of images as they are sprayed onto surfaces. What is a place where you belong? In my studio located at home in Nelson where my time is spent drawing and cutting up stencils. I find these processes both immensely pleasurable and compelling. Describe yourself at the time of your best fringe. At my best I am fearless, fractured and familiar. Fearless because being an artist takes courage and determination. Fractured, as this gives me the creative and explorative ability to continue to innovate. Familiarity forms the tacit knowledge of my craft. Where is the edge of your art? In my work I often explore a precipice, a visual oscillation between the digital and the natural, the mechanical and the handmade. Jean Baudrillard suggested that by our very nature the existence of humans as ‘alien beings’ negates the possibility of perpetual synthesis and perfection. …there is no perfection in the natural state. The human being itself is a dangerous imperfection.  (Baudrillard) For me I consider that there is a territory within the creative process that has a privileged relationship to the authentic, carrying with it a relation to intimacy, immediacy, and imperfection. What are three words, which do not describe you? Flawless, unfaithful and fragile.

Baudrillard, J. (1997). Objects, Images and the Possibilities of Aesthetic Illusion. In Art and Artefact (pp. 7 - 31). London, England: SAGE Publications.

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