14_Create Your Own Code of Conduct: 

A Practical Workshop

with Jennifer O'Sullivan


Friday, 4 May


Venue 2 - Ghost Light Theatre



There are people who, upon hearing the phrase ‘Code of Conduct’, respond with panicked cries of ‘Censorship!’, ‘What about my creative freedom?’ and ‘PC gone MAD!’  


But a Code of Conduct is simply a set of boundaries and guidelines that an organisation or community agree to in order to foster a safe and constructive working environment. And as creative leaders, it is our responsibility to nurture and protect the spaces we lead, encouraging them to be inclusive and respectful.


Knowing how to write your own can be intimidating, but if you have the right tools (including a willingness to challenge yourself and to listen to critical feedback) you can take the next steps to better serving your community. This workshop uses discussion, group work, and individual feedback to help you develop a first draft of your Code of Conduct, and prepares you to take it back to your community for discussion and implementation.


Feedback for Jen as a teacher:


“She excels at giving incisive and detailed feedback in a super positive way. Her positivity and energy are unmatched and I can’t wait to take more of her classes!”

“Jen is a flexible trainer who is able to quickly identify the needs of the group and adapt her workshop to best fit her attendees no matter what skill level. She gives clear feedback and works in both a fun and focused way. I would highly recommend taking any workshop she has on offer.”

“It was a lovely, friendly, safe learning environment full of wonderful positive energy. ”

Jennifer O’Sullivan has performed, taught and directed nationally and internationally during her 15+ year career as an improvisor and producer. She recently graduated with a Master of Fine Arts (Creative Practice) from Victoria University of Wellington, and has served as the director of the New Zealand Improv Festival since 2014. She has performed with Soap Factory, Late Night Knife Fight, and Kickin’ Rad Productions (kickinrad.co.nz), and collaborates frequently with various theatrical outfits across Wellington. Jennifer is passionate about building and participating in inclusive, creative communities & projects. This is her fourth time teaching at Nelson Fringe.

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