15_Deep South Caesar

by Aimee Smith


Comedy, Musical

Monday, 30 April


Venue 1 - Refinery ArtSpace

TICKETS: $12-20-32 (choose your price)

EarlyBird TICKET: $10 (available until March 18)

Deep South Caesar is the story of Greg, just your average kiwi bloke whose life bears an uncanny resemblance to a Greek tragedy. Greg tells his story of life growing up on the farm but we're left questioning whether Greg is the great guy he's adamantly telling us he is.

Deep South Caesar pokes some light fun at the stereotype of classical kiwi masculinity - and a little bit at 'toxic masculinity' in general. Settle in for a good old yarn, as our questionable hero Greg tells you some tall tales about how hard life is as your average kiwi bloke. After all, Greg’s put in the hard yakka, so why isn’t life working out exactly the way he wants it?

Over the course of fifty minutes, join Greg and his hired musician Isaac as they attempt to perform for you a tale of Oedipal proportions. Be enthralled by Greg's rise from humble deep south small town beginnings to becoming the Caesar of his own property empire. Be amazed as he woos the woman of his dreams and becomes a perfect paterfamilias in his prime. Be utterly un-astounded as Greg’s empire comes crumbling down. Don’t you hate dramatic irony and those horrible hamartias?

Deep South Caesar pulls inspiration from drag performance, classical theatre, and kiwi icons such as Fred Dagg and the Topp Twins to reimagine the face of the kiwi bloke for 2017. The performance incorporates questionable maskwork, toe-tapping stasimons and 1970s-era fake moustaches to culminate in the best-worst show you have yet to see.

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