30_Drop the mask

Trance Mask France

Paris, France

Improvise, Physical Theatre

Friday, 4 May


Venue 2 - Ghost Light Theatre

TICKETS: $12-20-32 (choose your price)

EarlyBird TICKET: $10 (available until March 18)

As the night draws to a close in Pauline's Bar, people confess their deepest secrets. It's a good place to find a sympathetic ear, someone who won't judge but rather console, and even offer some unexpected advice. The show is entirely unscripted, and features actors both with and without masks.

Si vous faites un tour au bar Chez Pauline, vous pourrez lire à l’entrée :
Ici, on ne pose pas de questions indiscrètes mais on écoute les réponses, on ne juge pas les inconnus mais on apprend à les connaître, on ne dit rien si on n’a rien à dire, on reste le temps qu’on veut jusqu’à ce que ça ferme. Merci. - La gérante.
Drop the mask est un spectacle huis clos improvisé par des acteurs masqués et non masqués; dirigé sur scène par Pauline qui peut à loisir faire respecter ou enfreindre les règles de son bar imaginaire.

About the artistic direction…
I’ve always wanted to be the owner of place where people can feel safe to be themselves and can spend good times with friends. I thought about having a bar since I was twelve. Thanks to theatre, I can make things happen during one night, or more, like a dream. So I decided to create my own bar on stage, and bring it wherever I want in the world. In this show, I don’t come with a team. I create the cast on the spot because … this is the goal! Open a place for improvisers and actors where they can feel free to do what they want.

About masks…
Full mask reacts. That’s it. They don’t speak about anything else other than what is happening right now. They sit down on a chair, this is the story. They look at the bartender, this is the story. They try to get off the stage, this is the story. You can’t cheat with masks, you have to be there, present, connected with the reality to create the magic.

Before the Nelson Fringe Festival…
Pauline’s bar opened in two places previously, once in Canberra for the Improvention 2017 and once in Wellington. The third time will be at the Nelson Fringe Festival.  Drop the Mask is made possible thanks to the support of Jonathan Briden and his mask collection.

This show has been adopted by wonderful Lisa Allan from Wintergreen Creative. Thank You!!!

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