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- 10 years in a weird electropop band

Gold Medal Famous



Age Rating: R18+

Friday, 27 April


Venue 2 - Ghost Light Theatre

TICKETS: $12-20-32 (choose your price)

EarlyBird TICKET: $10 (available until March 18)

Gold Medal Famous is a three-piece electro-pop band recognised for their outspokenness and singular style. Chris Wilson founded GMF in 2008 and the band line up has stayed the same since 2010. The band’s songs don’t subscribe to the usual universal pop themes but tend to focus on daily life in New Zealand. Song topics include how to survive working in an office, frustration at the cost of flying to regional airports and how to buy a house in NZ.

GMF aims to catch the zeitgeist and present little portraits of ways of life that strike chords with their audience. The Spinoff wrote of GMF’s latest single:

"When future-historians look back at life in New Zealand in the early part of this century, there’s one pop cultural artefact that, in three-and-a-half minutes summed up the aspirations of a changing nation: Gold Medal Famous’ masterpiece ‘We Bought A House’."

This year GMF is turning 10 years old and to celebrate the band is working on a show that combines their good-time music with stories of the band and their experiences recording 6 albums and playing shows across NZ, in Melbourne and in Tokyo. It will be an evening of music to enjoy and stories to make you laugh.

Chris was 30 years old when he founded GMF and he turns the stereotypes of rock n’ roll youth on its head. Songs reflect the realities of life after the first blush of youth. While Chris loves drinking craft beer the only comparisons to the excesses of Iggy Pop are a dedication to stage performance and Iggy’s soft sensitivity in middle to late life. Jimmy Barnes has also been a role model for the band over the last year. GMF’s number one priority is to entertain their audience and the exciting live show includes slick stage performance, quality gimmicks and a theremin playing competition. Don’t hesitate; commit yourself to what promises to be a truly enjoyable and riotous show.

This show has been adopted by the wonderful people from The edge 88.8 Nelson. Thank You!!!

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