Nelson Fringe Arts Charitable Trust (NFACT)


In 2015, Body in Space directors, Lisa and Daniel Allan, along with Deborah Brooks, Laura Irish, Roger Sanders, Damara Sylvester, JR Richardson and Karolina Gorton brought to fruition a long held ambition to run a theatre Fringe Festival in Nelson. Held at the Refinery Artspace over a one week period, it was an instantaneous success, which captured the Nelson public’s imagination. All of the 13 shows were sold out and the directors were later voted Nelsonians of the Year for Art by the Nelson Mail. The next year the festival grew to include 23 performance acts, including overseas artists, and 14 workshops.

In 2016, with the festival burgeoning, the Nelson Fringe Arts Charitable Trust was established to provide charitable governance for the Nelson Fringe Festival and other artistic projects emerging in the Nelson region. The trust takes the ‘Fringe Arts’ mantle to mean providing innovative and accessible events to the public that expose the community to new and diverse performance experiences.

The aim is to grow, develop, and encourage performing artists in the region by providing a platform to perform new work, as well as networking, and professional development opportunities with other artists.

The trust acknowledges the Fringe movement in our country and across the world and seeks to work co-operatively with other regional, national, and international individuals, theatre companies, and event organisations. We aim to pull artists to the ‘Centre of New Zealand’ with our gravity; and also shoot talented Nelsonians out to the world!

NFACT Trust Members:

  • Chair: Daniel Allan

  • Deputy Chair: TBA

  • Secretary: Debbie Brooks

  • Treasurer: Katie Schweder​

  • Trustee: Tracey Wills

  • Trustee: Leanne Whelan

  • Trustee: Arlene Akhlaq


The Nelson Fringe Arts Charitable Trust would love your support to aid our operations and projects, making the Nelson Fringe Festival the pride of the theatrical community, as well as encourage Nelson artists to create new work and take it to the world!

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Fringe dates: August 14-22 2020