Nelson Fringe Arts Charitable Trust (NFACT)

The Nelson Fringe Arts Charitable Trust (NFACT) is the governing body of the Nelson Fringe Festival. The Festival was formed in 2015 by Body in Space’s Artistic Directors, Lisa and Daniel Allan. It was produced by these two, along with the founding team members- Deborah Brooks, Laura Irish, Roger Sanders, Damara Sylvester, JR Richardson and Karolina Gorton.


After two years of running a burgeoning Festival, NFACT was established. NFACT’s aim is to grow, develop, and encourage performing artists in the region by providing a platform to perform new work, as well as networking, and professional development opportunities with other artists. We aim to pull artists to the ‘Centre of New Zealand’ with our gravity; and also propel talented Nelsonians out to the world.

NFACT Members

  • Debbie Brooks - Chairperson

  • Jonathon Deans - Treasurer

  • Arlene Akhlaq - Trustee

  • Giles Burton - Trustee

  • Scott Sumby - Trustee

  • Jasmine Turner - Trustee

  • Freya Moffat - Junior Trustee

Support us!

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