13_Oriental Fusion Belly Dance Drills 

 and Combos workshop

with Debbie Sumner from Zenda Belly Dance


Friday, 4 May


Venue 2 - Ghost Light Theatre



Debbie Sumner is an experienced performer and teacher of Middle Eastern Dance (also known as Belly Dance). Also a passionate Yoga and Bellyfit instructor, she regularly teaches and performs throughout the Nelson and Tasman area. Debbie learned the art of Belly Dance from her main teacher Gretchen Howard and has studied with other high profile belly dance teachers such as Kami Liddle, Suhaila Salimpoor, Alice Knox,and Candice Frankland. Debbie has 18 years Dance experience and is a proud leader of the Zenda Belly Dance troupe. She looks after the troupe and they perform regularly at local events in Nelson/Tasman.

Debbie will be teaching a workshop at the Fringe festival called Oriental Fusion Belly Dance Drills and Combos. Belly Dancing is a beautiful and graceful art form that originated from the Middle East. Also known as Raks Sharqi, Egyptian Cabaret and Oriental Dance, this dance captures your heart and soul with the hypnotic movements, the rhythms of the Middle East and the beautiful costuming. Oriental Dance Fusion explores the the basic vocabulary associated with Belly Dancing and then spices it up by combining it with other dance styles like Jazz and Bollywood.

Come and Join Debbie for this 3 hour workshop. The class will begin with some of the basics of Belly dance, we will look at Oriental dance technique, posture and clean isolations. We will drill the movements to music and practice some fun and funky combinations with fusion elements. The session will include a Yoga based cool down and deep stretch at the end of the workshop. Be prepared to have fun, wear comfortable clothing that is not too constricting and bring a bottle of water. Debbie will supply some hip belts you can wear at the workshop to get you into the Belly Dance Groove.

All welcome

Debbie Sumner is a passionate, dedicated dancer and Yogini. She regularly teaches Belly Dance, Yoga and Bellyfit throughout the Nelson and Tasman region. Debbie started her love affair with Yoga at the age of 15, completed her teacher training over 14 months in 2014-2015 and now teaches regular classes.

Debbie has been a student of Middle Eastern Dance since 2001 where she learned this beautiful dance style under the instruction of Gretchen Howard. She has also studied with other wonderful dancers including Suhaila Salimpoor, Alice Knox, Candice Frankland, Nerissa and Kami Liddle. She now is a main instructor with 8 years teaching experience and looks after the Zenda Belly Dance Troupe. They perform regularly at community events, festivals and private functions.

Debbie is passionate about creating community through these beautiful practices, to help encourage and build self confidence in others. She enjoys watching her dancers grow,not only as they start to embody this gorgeous dance, but also as lasting friendships are created. Debbie is happy to have the opportunity to showcase this beautiful artform to others in the community..

Debbie’s love of Yoga has also blended well with teaching dance and his workshop will include a 30 minute Yoga Based stretch and relaxation at the end of the workshop.

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