13_Pat Goldsack's Swingers Club and Brothel

Sunday, 29 April


Venue 1 - Refinery ArtSpace

by Katie Boyle

Upper Hut

Comedy, Solo

Age Rating: R18+

TICKETS: $12-20-32 (choose your price)

EarlyBird TICKET: $10 (available until March 18)

A one woman comedy performed by Shakespearean actress Katie Boyle, sets up an old lady in the least likely environment. Patricia Goldsack, known as Pat to her friends and lovers, has toured New Zealand for the last 4 decades with her Swingers club (with the downstairs brothel). Looking to make a dime in her old age, and lots of new and naked friends, she brings the locals in with her so they can really explore how close 2 degrees is and whether we can make that separation smaller.

With her however, she brings her sordid past and her blurry, glaucomic future. In moments of clarity, she gives the most profound sex and relationship advice, top tips for her top tips that she has had in her vast lifetime, as well as all the nitty-gritty stories that comes with her travels. But then the dementia slowly seeps through the cracks and we get to see moments of why she really is touring the country, why she needs to see your birth records and know your maiden names, and what (and who) she is really running away from.

Katie Boyle has performed many a quirky character. The last decade spent mostly performing Shakespeare, including a stint at the Pop Up Globe in 2016, she is branching out her talents into the world of comedy. Pat, her loveable old lady persona (based off of her amazing grandmothers and friends alike) has already graced the Wellington comedy scene with her solo debut in the Wellington smash line up show Fat Comedy. With her smile lighting up the room, she will be gracing the stage again, opening for Alexander Sparrow’s season of “Fred from Featherston”, in Cavern Club in January 2018.


“I love [Boyle’s] 4th-wall breaking grandmother… makes me laugh so hard I almost fall over” – Art Murmurs.

This show has been adopted by the wonderful people from the Flowers on Buxton. Thank You!!!

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