25_Penguins, Critters, and Humanity

Tuxedo Cat Theatre


Comedy, Theatre - Drama, Solo

Age Rating: R13+

Thursday, 3 May


Venue 1 - Refinery ArtSpace

TICKETS: $12-20-32 (choose your price)

EarlyBird TICKET: $10 (available until March 18)

A showcase of 10-minute plays by Australian playwright's David Bulmer and Alex Broun, and Nelsonian Nikkie Karki. 'Doing it For the Penguins' (David Bulmer) is a political satire about a green MP biking it for World Environment Day. 'Living with the Enemy' (David Bulmer) is a comedy featuring a meticulous homemaker who grows ever more obsessed with a home invader. 'An Angel but in the Dark' (Alex Broun) is a drama based on a true story. A couple reflect on the cruel murder of their daughter by a troubled young man.  'Ivy' by local playwright Nikkie Karki, is a black comedy about an aging woman whose main companion is her pet fish.

Tuxedo Theatre company is composed of group of people who come together to create and perform. We are a bunch of people who like to have fun while making others laugh, reflect, and feel.  The company is named after Susanne Smith's tuxedo cat, but it would go nowhere without the dedication, experience and talent of all involved.

This show has been adopted by wonderful Stephen from Stephen Robertson Pottery. Thank You!!!

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Fringe dates: August 14-22 2020