32_Stepping Up

by Ben Caldwell


Comedy, Stand-Up, Improvise

Age Rating: PG

Friday, 4 May


Venue 2 - Ghost Light Theatre

TICKETS: $12-20-32 (choose your price)

EarlyBird TICKET: $10 (available until March 18)

The show is based on Ben ‘Tito’ Caldwell’s journey into fatherhood and the unique circumstances that this happened in. When he met his wife, she was an adoptive solo mother of three children, all of who have special and behavioural needs (which continue to evolve and present new challenges for them both).


Almost overnight Ben went from being a single mid-twenties university slacker to a step father of these children. Complicating matters further, his wife and he have two children between them, bringing their total amount of children to five. Ben hadn't thought too much about the impact that this would have on his life but in hindsight it has changed things dramatically, resulting in bouts of depression.

The aim of the show is to guide people through Ben’s journey to where he is today, both in terms of his circumstances and his mental well-being. At times the content will be brutal, as he views this show as a type of therapy, but it will also be warm. Ben hopes the audience will come away from it having had a great laugh but also knowing that despite his flaws, he’s a pretty good Dad to all his children.

This show has been adopted by the wonderful people from Victory Community Centre. Thank You!!!

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