Next Fringe: 2020

Next Fringe: August 14-22, 2020

Nelson Fringe Festival will return in 2020.

​After 4 great years of Fringe, we are taking a short break.



We think it is important to run Nelson Fringe Festival in a financially responsible way (that enables the Fringe Team and artists to be valued for their important contributions to our community), and we can’t be sure this is possible for 2019.  The Festival needs to be properly resourced.  By taking a break in 2019, we can use the time to build our resources to run a great Fringe again in 2020. We can’t wait!


Who are ‘we?'

Nelson Fringe Arts Charitable Trust.  We are the governance body for the Nelson Fringe Festival – since 2015.


Why can’t NFACT be sure that the Festival is properly resourced in 2019?

Nelson Fringe Festival relies heavily on grants and donations, that’s one way we can keep the Festival accessible.  We have missed out on a significant grant.  We do have a givealittle page that people and businesses can donate to, and NFACT is a registered charitable trust, so IRD recognises donations.

What about 2019?

We will be working towards refining and improving the already great Fringe Festival.  We want to know how the community thinks we can do this so we have just circulated a survey, We’d be grateful if you would circulate this to those in your personal and professional communities.


We have a few Fringe fundraisers on the boil as well.

If you want to talk to a member of the Trust about how you can help make 2020 a fantastic Fringe year, please email us at

Thank you to everyone who supported our Very Fringe-y Quiz Night on Saturday 29th of June. We have other Fringe fundraising events up our sleeves- watch this space for a very exciting outdoor theatre adventure coming your way in October! We're always looking for help to make our Fringe more easily sustainable. If you have a dime to spare, you might consider donating to our Givealitle page (the Donate Here button above will take you to the website). Thank you, wonderful people! Keep being Fringe-y!

Our next fundraising effort is The Wisp on Monday 28th October, 6.30pm. Get your tickets here.

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Fringe dates: August 14-22 2020