Your Programme of Special Events!


To facilitate the coming together-ness of the Nelson Fringe Artists, we organise a programme of special events for you all! These are lovely opportunities to connect with each other, have fun together, get to know each other and form relationships that could lead to collaborations and lots of new friends! There is no charge for most of these events.

Saturday 29th April

7:30pm - 9pm, Refinery


Opening Party


East Street from 10:45pm

8 Church Street

Chill time - drinks, foods and chats (& music)

Sunday 30th April


East Street


Henry James Barret

Henry James Barret plays acoustic set or original guitar-based music

Tickets door sale only - $6

Monday 1st May




Pudding party! 

Hot chocolate & Desert fest. Relax on the couches

& sugar yourself silly

Tuesday 2nd May




Pajama movie night! 

Cider, popcorn & a screening of Labyrinth!

Wednesday 3rd May


East Street


Board Games night!

The Artists & Volunteers mixer  Get to know our Fringe volunteers whilst they thrash you at Jenga.

Thursday 4th May


East Street


Music jam (till midnight)!

drinks, foods, chats, sings, dances

Friday 5th May


East Street


'No material allowed'

An improvised stand up comedy show where all the comedians make up their set on the spot. They can do anything they like: crowd work, improv or general shenanigans. Anything except material of course!

Tickets door sale only - $6

Nelson Fringe Cafe:

RED Gallery & Cafe,


1 Bridge Street

Sat 6th May




Celebrating Fringe Party


A wild, fun-filled party with VJ_KLAX and DJ's Yoghurt Bone and The Golden Wonder, celebrating the 2017 Nelson Fringe Festival. Dancing, frivolity and general party mayhem for all!


Sun 7th May

8pm - 9pm 



Fringe Farewell & Awards

Let's come together to close the 2017 festival, say goodbye and commend each other with awards and polite clapping for the amazing work created. 


Nelson Fringe Bar:

East Street Vegetarian Cafe


8 Church Street

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Fringe dates: August 14-22 2020